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Offering Quality CNC Programming

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Offered Services:

Using Mastercam 2019 software, we can supply you with CNC programs, fixture designs and setup/tool sheets so that you can process your projects smoothly through your milling machines.

Remote tutoring in Mastercam also available upon request.

Abilities and Past Experience:

35 years of machine shop experience includes:

  1. Proficiency in CNC programming for 2D, 3 axis mold contouring, 4 axis horizontal with tombstone pallets and 5 axis trunion. (Over 12,000 programs written since 1989)

  2. Designed fixtures and parts using Surfcam and Solidworks software.

  3. CMM inspection programs written using PC-DMIS software.

  4. Inspected parts on Brown & Sharpe Mistral CMM


Please, give us a call so that we may discuss how we can help with your projects.

We have a unique way of seeing solutions for difficult projects.

Working remotely, it doesn't matter where you are. We have convenient file transfers in place to exchange information.



Paul Gorsky, CNC Programmer

Owner of CAM Solutions


Paul’s career started at a very young age, being a quick learner and having natural mechanical abilities, he looked for ways to quench his thirst for skills and knowledge in the world of manufacturing.  It is a well-known fact that during the Great Depression machinists always had work because something always had to be manufactured.  With this dependable career choice, Paul dove in with all of his senses open.  While doing his job, Paul not only learned the task at hand, but also learned valuable skills taking place around him. This attitude enabled him to learn the whole manufacturing process: CAD, CAM and CMM. Being proficient in multiple areas is a great asset when planning a project from start to finish.


The companies Paul worked for were determined to advance with the times, which gave Paul the opportunity to improve his skill set. Jobs progressed from manual machines to CNC vertical and horizontal mills (3, 4 and 5 axis), to CAM Programming, CMM Programming and EDM die sinker.  Modeling parts and assemblies in Solidworks is also common knowledge to Paul.  After 30 years with his last employer, Pactiv, the company decided to close the location in South Portland, Maine. Shortly after that announcement, Paul bought his own seat of Mastercam software to program on a contract basis and CAM Solutions was born.


Paul also volunteers as a mentor for a high school robotics team. Using his machining expertise, Paul teaches these enthusiastic students in safe machining practices. Over the course of 6 weeks, the students design and manufacture parts to assemble a robot that competes in a yearly-assigned challenge.



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